Blockout Curtains For Summer and Winter Protection


Blockout Curtains for all year round insulation

Help beat the summer heat with our blockout curtains - total blockout to provide the best thermal protection

Did you know that not all so called blockout curtains are actually blockout?  There are many words out there to describe curtains but will they get the job done?

Our blockout curtains are 3 pass coated to the highest quality standards.

You can't imagine the amount of  phone calls we get from customers who have purchased curtains elsewhere that haven't lived up to their expectations.

They were sold a false item, an item that is either uncoated or only 1 pass coated when what they really wanted was a curtain that will help block the heat out.  Thankfully we were able to supply them exactly what they wanted. 

When you need blockout curtains only a 3 pass quality coated product will get the job done.

What does this mean?

It means the the sun won't shine through our curtains and nor will daylight.

If you want to see if your curtains are blockout, ( do this safely, don't leave your curtain near a hot light for safety reasons )  just grab a LED torch as these are very bright and shine it behind your curtain or hold them in front of a light at a safe distance for a moment so you don't set them alight.

If they are a true blockout curtain then you won't see any of the light from behind. If you need to buy blockout curtains - all the curtains we call BLOCKOUT are true 3 pass blockout for your protection and satisfaction.

If you are buying your curtains elsewhere, ask them if their curtains pass the LED torch light test. If they can't block a simple torch, what hope have you got against the harsh Summer Sun and bright daylight, car lights and street lights?

For more information about our range of curtains take a look at our curtain videos on youtube via this link or from our video page link.

View our ready made blockout curtain ranges below:

Eyelet blockout curtains

Concealed tab top blockout curtains




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